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Tofu Noodle with Coconut Curry

Prep Time:

5 Minutes

Cook Time:

10 Minutes


1 Serving

For a quick and easy vegan delight, try noodles, veggie, tofu and coconut curry broth on a cold, winter night.


  • 1 pouch WATCHAREE’S Thai Coconut Curry Sauce 

  • 1 cup cooked noodle of your choice

  • 1/2 pack extra firm tofu

  • Fresh spinach

  • Carrots, peeled and thinly sliced 


  1. Cut extra firm tofu into small pieces

  2. Heat Thai coconut curry in a pot over medium heat

  3. Add ½ -1 cup of water if you like thinner curry

  4. Add spinach, carrots and tofu. Simmer for 5 minutes or until vegetables are cooked. 

  5. Place cooked noodles in a bowl, add tofu and vegetable curry and enjoy!

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