WATCHAREE'S Brand Identity

Here are our brand logo assets and guidelines.

While the logos are available to download, all uses MUST be approved by WATCHAREE'S Thai Sauces.

WATCHAREE’S Logo — Primary Mark

The full color primary logos should be used whenever possible. Black and white logos are used when colors are limited. The minimum size for WATCHAREE’S logo is 0.5 inches in height. If logos to be used smaller than 0.5 inches, the Watcharee’s Icon should be used.

Click on the logos below to download the files. Logos are available in AI, EPS, JPEG, and PNG formats.

watcharee background color logo        watcharee color logo          watcharee black logo           watcharee white logo

Minimum Clear Space

Please allow a healthy amount of clear space around the WATCHAREE’S Logo or icon. it is free of busy imagery and text surrounding it. Use W type width from WATCHAREE'S type to determine the minimum amount of clear space that should surround the Logo or Icon.

WATCHAREE’S Icon - Secondary Mark

The WATCHAREE’S Icon is used when the primary mark cannot be used. The WATCHAREE'S type must be used in close proximity to the icon.

Click on the icons below to download the files. Icons are available in AI, EPS, JPEG, and PNG formats.

watcharee background color icon     watcharee color icon        watcharee black icon         watcharee white icon



Dark fuchsia is our primary color. It is to be used whenever possible. The breakdown of the color are the following:

Pantone 511C · RGB - 98, 45, 80 · CMYK 0, 59, 15, 63 · HEX - #622d50


Any usage of WATCHAREE’s Thai Sauces brand elements need approval and must be submitted to for review. Please allow at least 1 week for feedback. WATCHAREE’s Thai Sauces reserves the right to object to any inappropriate uses of its trademarks and to enforce its rights at any time.