Golden Pouch Dumplings with Pad Thai Sauce

Golden Pouch Dumplings | WATCHAREE'S

Do you know that in Thailand we celebrate the New Year three times? First there is January 1, followed by the Lunar New Year (Chinese New Year) which is most often in February and finally the Thai New Year which is on April 13. During the Lunar New Year and Thai New Year, one traditional dish is golden pouch dumplings which people believe will bring good fortune and prosperity. A deep-fried savory delight, this appetizer is also served during special or auspicious occasions such as weddings. It is also part of Thai Royal Cuisine and served in the palace as an afternoon snack.

We cook our golden pouches in an air fryer, so they are light and crispy and serve with WATCHAREE’S pad Thai sauce (add link).


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