Crispy Wonton with Pad Thai

Pad Thai, the national dish of Thailand, is a top favorite worldwide. If you haven’t yet pad Thai, it’s a stir fried rice noodle dish with egg, pickled radishes, tofu, dried shrimp, fish sauce, coconut sugar and tamarind that is commonly served with ground peanuts, fresh bean sprouts and Asian chives. You can learn more about history of pad Thai and other popular Thai stir fry noodles dishes from a recent New York Times article that featured Watcharee: While pad Thai is traditionally a rice noodle dish, chefs worldwide are coming up with modern variations that call for pasta, Japanese soba noodles or even zoodles. For those who love to try something new with pad Thai flavor, crispy wontons with tofu, drizzled with pad Thai sauce will bring an Asian fusion delight to your table!


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